agnieszka szedera

Agnieszka Szedera is a graduate of Silesian Medical University in Zabrze, Poland, and works as psychiatrist in Norway.


She got passionate for reportage photography in relation to a workshop led by VII Photo Agency photographer in Istanbul, 2013, and has been dedicated to this form since.


Focused on worldwide current socio-cultural issues she shares her affection for emotional fundamentals through photography.



In 2013 she won 1. prize in Norway for photoreportage covering the theme: Norway.


In 2014 Szedera was chosen one of the most talented 36 Polish photographers making their debuts during the last three years by DOC! photo magazine.


3rd place in Norway for reportage on the theme: Sport, Sept. 2014.


Spetember, 2014 her reportage "Queer Tango" was awarded with the Honorable Mention prize in the Great National Geographic Photography Contest in Poland.


IPA appreciated in form of Honorable Mention for single image in category War/Conflict for "Syrians", Sept. 2014.


Another international honorable mention this year! This time for photoseries "A new day" on Syrian refugees in Istanbul, MIFA, 2014. Category: War/Conflict.



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